Thursday, September 6, 2012

Donkey Burgers and Pimple Soup

Ohhhhh yeah. Donkey Burgers. Pimple Soup. These are absolutely real things in Beijing. Being from the States, I had NO IDEA people could eat donkey meat, but damn, I gotta give some credit when credit is due. Donkey is hella good! Also, I honestly can't think of a better way to accompany some Donkey Burger action other than a hot bowl of Pimple Soup! 

I can already hear all the haters sippin' on that Haterade and asking how anyone could even eat donkey and something called Pimple Soup. Well, just like I mentioned in my post about tips on eating food in China, you'll seriously never know what you'll end up liking until you just man up and eat the damn thing. Just ask questions later. If you turn the tables a bit, Chinese people probably think Americans eating something super processed like Kraft Mac & Cheese with that neon bright orange powder we try to pass off as "cheese" is definitely NASTY! So, in this case, let's try to stay a little more open minded and fair to both food preferences...

What the hell is a Donkey Burger anyways?

If you go to Beijing, you'll see tons of Lurou Huoshao or Donkey Burger joints littered all over the city. Donkey Burgers aka Lurou Huoshao (驴肉火烧) are made of thin cuts of seasoned lean donkey meat and green peppers and you can either get the burger with extra fat or no fat added on top. Usually, a restaurant will have a guy who pretty much just kicks it all day and cuts up donkey meat, adds veges, splashes it all with broth, then throws it inside of this AMAZING thin crispy flatbread. I even took a picture of my Donkey Burger Guy...dude is pretty badass with his huge butcher's knife, middle aged woman's apron, and a scorpion neck tattoo. Sweeeeeet!

As far as taste goes, I would say a Donkey Burger is China's answer to Pastrami Sandwiches. It tastes very similar to Pastrami and the meat even looks and has the same texture. These Donkey Burger restaurants also serve Donkey in a variety of ways, such as straight cuts of marinated meat or as parts of different stews/soups. Definitely something everyone should try at least once if they're ever in Beijing since it's a can't miss. Oh, and its also less than $1 USD for a sandwich, so load up!

This Donkey Burger looks kinda like Pastrami, right?

Seriously...Pimple Soup?!

Haha, Pimple Soup aka Geda Tang (疙瘩湯) is just the name of the soup. The word Geda has various meanings and can either mean knots on a rope, lumps, pimples, warts, etc. Geda Tang is more of a normal comfort soup in Beijing that's made of tomatoes, eggs, small little rice ball dumplings, and cilantro. You can even add your own spices to it, which is good news for me since I love to eat food that's spicy as hell and I thoroughly enjoy sweating/crying while eating my meals.
Pimple Soup with hot pepper sauce, actual roasted hot peppers, and salty radish slices
The taste of Pimple Soup is pretty unique in its own right, but it doesn't really have anything crazy or strange in it. But it definitely does have that homemade stew kind of taste to it probably due to its simplicity and heartiness. I usually add the roasted hot peppers and salted radish slices into the soup to give it a kick and I just go to town on it. Simple, yet delicious. Again, a huge bowl of this egg/tomato soup only runs about $1 USD.

Like I said earlier, people in Beijing LOVE them some Donkey Burgers and Pimple Soup. Both of these dishes are outrageously good, but sometimes even I can't help but laugh that something could actually be called Pimple Soup or Donkey Burger and they expect people to think it sounds appealing haha. Anyways, to eat all of that and be stuffed outta my mind for only $2.00-$2.50 USD is just a steal. Definitely on my recommendations list if anyone has a chance to travel through Beijing one day!


  1. Hahah! Pimple soup? The tomatoes are the inflammation and egg is what comes out? Mmmm! Interesting article though. I've never had this when I was in Beijing myself but now wish I did!